Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

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How to Avoid a Lawyer Layoff: Think Gardening


Lawyer layoffs are everywhere. Can you insure yourself from them so great job offers and opportunities always come your way? Think gardening.

You love berries, fresh spinach, juicy peaches. Do you throw seeds in the dirt a few times a year? Or till the ground and tend your garden? Tossing seed may yield some raggedy spinach one season, but you can have abundance for life by tending your garden a few hours a week. Going to random events and exchanging cards or LinkedIn connections, aka throwing seeds around, this is not.

Where are the people who can help your career? Industry Orgs, Affinity Groups, State Bar, Local Chamber, LinkedIN? The secret: Go + Make friends + Help your friends = Delish berries and peaches abound.

Help your friends by telling them about events or jobs or business intel they can use. Celebrate their success on LinkedIn and share their posts. Introduce them to folks who can help them. Wish ‘em Happy Mothers/Fathers/Grandparents Day. Share the berries. Not because you need something, but because YOU CAN. And when pestilence (or layoffs) strike, or just because it’s Monday, your friends will share their crop with you. You can do it billing 200 hrs/mo, as in-house counsel, or unemployed.

Start now. Really, NOW.

Maybe by sharing this with your friends.

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