Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

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Rockstar Lawyers Lose Their Jobs Too


I’ve lately talked to multiple talented young lawyers ejected (or soon to be) from their jobs at major firms and in-house alike. If you’re worried about losing yours, or already did, you’re likely embarrassed and uncertain what to do. Here’s some things you can do RIGHT NOW:

Up your LinkedIn presence. Make sure your profile is up to date and reflects the skills and experiences you want potential employers to know about you. Then start commenting on the posts of your network. Don’t know what to say? Congratulate people on promotions or wins or awards.

Re-connect with your network. People lose touch with most of their professional contacts for the simple reason that they don’t bother. You’ve been busy with work, life, family, and such. And now you need those professional contacts. So reach out. Send an email or text wishing them well or Happy Hamburger Day (it’s a thing, really). This will mean more if you’ve been doing it longer, so get to it.

Ask for help. You’re hurt and humiliated, so it’s hard. But people care about you. So ask, not for a job but advice. And follow up to let folks know how it went.

A long career awaits you. It will be better and more fulfilling the stronger you build your relationships with others in the field.

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