Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

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Perspectives on Richard

Richard Amador is hands-down one of the most dedicated champions of diversity you will find in the legal profession. He never tires of using his voice to amplify the need for increased diversity, and to provide creative and concrete solutions for the lack of diversity that has plagued the legal community for decades. Because of his passion and dedication, Richard has greatly impacted so many careers—mine included. I’m glad to know that he is now sharing his wisdom and expertise with a larger audience.

– Alice Brathwaite – Counsel-Employment & Litigation, Upwork

Richard is like a North Star to everyone he mentors. He has guided me through some the most challenging aspects of my career, including a major decision to relocate to Los Angeles after practicing in the Bay Area for over 6.5 years. Each time, Richard was ready with a listening ear and offered judgment-free advice that gave me the perspective I needed. I am very blessed that Richard continues to push me to maximize my potential and hone my legal skills in order to reach my career goals.

– Megan Lawson—Senior Associate, Gibson Dunn

Richard is authentically and tirelessly dedicated to the advancement of attorneys of color in the legal profession. He cares about people as individuals, and his wealth of knowledge is a direct product of the time he takes to understand the perspectives and strengths of those around him. Above all, Richard embraces the fact that we are stronger together than we are apart – a sentiment that will undoubtedly benefit our profession in a profound and long lasting way.

– Victoria E. Cho – Associate, Jones Day

Richard Amador’s insights are invaluable, not only due to the breadth of his experience, but also because of his vast network, particularly of attorneys of color. As an associate at a large law firm, Richard helped me navigate through the challenges many young associates face and, when I expressed an interest in going in-house, gave me practical tips on how to get there. The success of Richard’s mentees is a testament to Richard’s advice and guidance.

– Veronica Couzo – Senior Labor and Employment Counsel, IDEX Corporation

Richard Amador has been my mentor throughout my career as an associate at big law firms and as counsel in-house. One of the most important lessons that I have learned from Richard is that we must be proactive in our careers and in those of others. Richard’s advice and strategies helped set me apart as a star associate at my prior law firm and at the current law firm where I work. During my time in-house, Richard graciously shared his insights on how to successfully manage outside counsel and build relationships with my clients. He also provided easy tips on how to champion attorneys of color from this role. I am grateful to Richard for his friendship, and for his leadership and example in promoting attorneys of color.

– Monica Rodriguez – Senior Associate, Morrison & Foerster

Richard is an incredible mentor for attorneys of color because (1) he knows what we’re going through; he’s lived it; (2) he will give you real career and professional advice, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear; and (3) he has such a vast network to tap into that he will probably know someone in your city/region who can help you (if he can’t himself). I have relied on Richard countless times and seek out his opinion before making any decision.

– Vik Jaitly – Associate, Ogletree Deakins

I can always count on Richard, and I have. For years. Richard has counseled me through big law challenges, advised me through two job changes, and devoted hours of coaching to me and countless others to advance our legal & professional skills. He serves practical tips and perspective, with sides of passion and inspiration. If you are an attorney of color, PLEASE heed Richard’s words and ideas – they are products of his experience and brilliance just as much as they are of his heart.

– Elaine Simson – Employee Relations Lead at a stealth mode startup

Richard Amador is a great mentor and friend. He stands by his offers of help and is always available to provide a listening ear, lend a helping hand, and give great advice. I contacted Richard when I was exploring other career opportunities. As a result of Richard’s advice, I was able to ask the right questions and give good answers during interviews and, ultimately, started the position that I have currently have.

– Raquel H. Crump – Counsel, UPS

When I came into Big Law, I didn’t know what my place was. Richard has given me the confidence to know that I am where I am because I worked hard for it and because I deserve it. He has pushed me to be the best attorney I want to be. Not once did Richard ever turn the other way when I needed a mentor, a moment to vent, or even a prep session for an upcoming deposition. Richard is the true definition of what it means to lift up others. Richard’s 30+ year career has helped him understand where the gaps are in recruiting, supporting, and retaining diverse talent. His unique perspective will help the entire legal community learn how to effectively champion creating and maintaining an environment where diverse attorneys thrive, which in turn will lead to greater success for firms.

– Nasim Khansari – Associate, Gibson Dunn

In each of my communities of young Black and Brown employment lawyers, Richard’s reputation precedes him. Historically, many BIPOC groups are not provided with the necessary resources to thrive or excel in the legal world; however, breaking that systemic trauma is Richard. Richard is a lighthouse to young attorneys who, seeking guidance, have found in him a consistent, reliable, and honest resource. To me, he has also doubled as a mentor and a friend. What makes Richard’s perspective and mentorship especially invaluable, though, is the truth that he, in all things, is undoubtedly genuine.

– Eniola Akinrinade – Senior Counsel, Genesys

As a Latina in the legal profession, I have learned that community and mentorship are invaluable. Richard Amador has not only helped provide that for me, but his guidance and insight have pushed me to new levels of insight, productivity, and confidence.

– Janice Sued Agresti – Associate, Faegre Drinker

Richard is dedicated to helping advance attorneys of color across the nation. He provides invaluable mentorship and sponsorship to attorneys of color. His guidance stems from his years successfully navigating the legal world. Richard is making the legal community more inclusive and diverse and we need more attorneys like him.

– Sonia Ramirez Anderson – Attorney at Husch Blackwell 2020 Vice President of Committees – Colorado Hispanic Bar Association

Richard’s perspective has been really valuable for me in my career. With Richard’s guidance as a mentor, I was able to move in-house after two years at a law firm. Richard is one of those mentors I will always trust to give me an honest and insightful perspective. His caring approach to mentorship is unparalleled and is something I value greatly!

– Lin Zhu — Counsel with a major technology company

In an industry where attorneys of color are often a small minority in their work spaces, it is ever important to have a supportive mentor who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Richard Amador is a reliable and hardworking mentor to hundreds of attorneys of color across the country. There is no doubt that Richard deeply cares about the development of attorneys of color. He shows it through maintaining and facilitating intentional relationships, creating and sharing resources, and dedicating his time to supporting other attorneys. In sharing advice and support, he draws from his experiences in practicing law and mentoring countless attorneys of color working in firms, in-house, and everywhere in between. This unique perspective makes Richard a strong authority on the issues impacting attorneys of color, keys for success, and best practices for navigating the legal industry.

– Victoria Nsikak Nwankwo – Counsel, Change Healthcare

For many years, Richard has been a valuable resource to me in navigating the legal profession as an attorney of color. He does this for myself and many others, for no direct benefit and with no ego, simply because he is truly passionate about seeing lawyers of color succeed. I am pleased that he is now sharing his specific expertise with a wider audience.

– Keitha Wright – Senior Counsel, Christus Health

When I think of Richard, the word “champion” immediately comes to mind. Richard is a champion mentor: his experience as a law firm partner paired with his genuine care for attorneys of color creates an unparalleled ability to develop mentorship built on honesty and trust. For example, when I transitioned from a law firm to in-house, Richard was critical to my success. Richard not only shared practical advice on how to build relationships while working remotely, but he also leveraged his invaluable network to connect me with attorneys in similar roles. Richard is also a champion of attorneys of color: one look at Richard’s LinkedIn and you’ll see that Richard is fantastic at elevating the careers of those around him. Whether it’s sharing an article or congratulating someone on a promotion, Richard’s positive energy and support for other attorneys sheds light on new faces and inspires.

– Kristina Pham – Corporate Counsel, Shipt