Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

Richard Amador’s Take On Paths To Career Success For Attorneys Of Color

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When Lawyers Get Laid Off


…there’s an urge to hide. But it’s a global pandemic so everyone understands—great lawyers are losing their jobs.

Craft a narrative of Why (eg, the firm/company cut 10% of my group and I was new) and be ready for the natural follow-ups. More importantly, build up confidence delivering the message. If the first time you say the words is in a video interview, your nerves and shame will overpower the words and you won’t get the job.

Whatever you do, don’t hide.

Most lawyers have spent their entire career excelling, so it’s natural to feel shame. YOU NEED TO GET OVER THIS. Clients and bosses want confident lawyers. Here’s how:

1. Craft a crisp explanation of your circumstances, and brief responses to the natural follow-ups.
2. Prepare a pivot to what you are looking for in your next position.
3. Practice it with your friends. A lot.
4. Deliver the message repeatedly until you exude confidence and purpose.
5. Consider all feedback from all sources as you refine your message.

Tell folks you are looking. Ask for ideas. And reach out to your mentors for advice; they won’t think less of you, I promise. Whatever you do, don’t hide.

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