Wonderful blogs and podcasts to up your game:

The Meybe

A beautifully crafted blog by Meyling Ly Ortiz, sharing her own growth experiences in an approachable way we can all learn from. Mey is a successful in-house lawyer, a well-respected employment lawyer with a national reputation, and a generous mentor and friend.


A weekly newsletter for law students and new lawyers with tips on career success, finding the right job, different fields of practice and career paths and all the other stuff no one tells you—crowdsourced from leading practitioners and thought leaders.

Leg Up Legal

An online mentoring community and mobile app that connects law students and college students to attorney mentors.

Michelle Silverthorn

The eponymous blog of famed diversity, allyship, anti-racism speaker and consultant, Michelle Silverthorn.

Amazing lawyers of color who are thought leaders to follow on LinkedIn:

Legal Diversity Resources and Organizations: